Offensive Prayer

Offensive Prayer, Part 13 of 13 | Conclusion

In this message Parson Rayphe Concludes the Offensive Prayer series with a summary review of the series and seven steps you can take to change your life through Offensive Prayer. Length: 01:02:03

Offensive Prayer, Part 12 of 13 | Imprecatory Prayer, Part 8

Parson Rayphe begins our conclusion of the Imprecatory Prayer series with 5 prerequisites for effective Imprecatory Prayer.  After that He provides a quick review, summary and conclusion to the series.  Length: 00:54:43

Offensive Prayer, Part 11 of 13 | Imprecatory Prayer, Part 7

Have you ever really stopped to consider what love is?  What does it look like?  How would you describe it? How would you define it?  Is love righteous?  Is love righteousness?  Tune in to this addition of our Imprecatory Prayer series as Parson Rayphe discusses what love looks likes, from [...]

Offensive Prayer, Part 10 of 13 Imprecatory Prayer, Part 6

We begin this message by discussing the betrayal of Yeshua by Judas.  After that Parson Rayphe provides an expository review of Psalm 109, also known as the Iscariot Psalm.  After the other messages in this series, this message will clarify and bestir Imprecatory Prayer, in a real way, so that you can [...]

Offensive Prayer, Part 9 of 12 | Imprecatory Prayer, Part 5

In this informative message Parson Rayphe discusses 1)prerequisites to Imprecatory Prayer and 2)Three Keys to unlock Imprecatory Prayer. Length: 00:57:38

Offensive Prayer, Part 8 of 13 | Imprecatory Prayer, Part 4

In this message Parson Rayphe presents 5 purposes or reasons for Imprecatory Prayer Length: 00:39:39

Offensive Prayer, Part 7 of 13 | Imprecatory Prayer, Part 3

Why isn’t Imprecatory prayer more common among Christians today?  Why should it be?  Are Yahweh’s people the only ones who pray Imprecatory prayer?  Parson Rayphe responds to these and other questions regarding Imprecatory Prayer. Length: 00:51:03

Offensive Prayer, Part 6 of 13 | Imprecatory Prayer, Part 2

As the creation of Yahweh God, the earth earth and all that is within it is an expression of His majesty, magnificence and grandeur.  That is the purpose of which it was created.  Sin has no rightful place in the wonderful creation of Yahweh God. We see this portrayed in [...]

Offensive Prayer, Part 5 of 13 | Imprecatory Prayer, Part 1

Hate the evil, and love the good, and establish judgment in the gate: it may be that the LORD God of hosts will be gracious unto the remnant of Joseph. Amos 5:15 .  One of the ways this is accomplished is through Imprecatory prayer.  In this message Parson Rayphe defines Imprecatory prayer, explains what it is [...]

Offensive Prayer, Part 4 of 13 | Messiah Our Advocate

Messiah = Anointed one (Christ)  He has complete authority over all of the spiritual realm and all of the natural realm. He is one with the Father and you can be one with Him.  In this provocative message Parson Rayphe discusses how you can unite with the Anointed One to [...]

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