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Redemption Healing
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Redemption Ranch is our base camp. When God led His people Israel, out of Egypt, He gave them a “second chance”.  To a people rejected, charlie on walkdejected and mistreated, God said “Come unto me, all who are heavy laden and I will give you rest”.  Today, just like Israel, God loves to give second chances; especially to those who feel they don’t deserve it.   Redemption Ranch is about “second chances”; being in harmony with God and His creation.

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Have you had a hard time finding others who can identify with your desire to know God?


If you are seeking the things of God we invite you to our community.

We are a group of singles, couples, families and groups, networked together, seeking a lifestyle of healing & health through freedom in Christ, His love, Word, Spirit, fellowship, and sharing the Good News of Jesus / Yeshua with others.

Join us for various local and on-line gatherings.  We also host community meetings that are live-streamed in our online meeting room and very interactive for all, wherever you may be.

Fellowship Groups join together for support and encouragement throughout the week, locally & online.  More About Us

Missed last week’s gathering? Click here for the audio and here for the video recording of the teaching portion.

Bible reading schedule for this week: John Chapters 5-6 (click here for information)


Thank you for all your help during some very dark days. Your encouragement helped me through when I couldn't see a way out.  Praise God that He used you to bring healing to my spirit and soul. I can't ever remember being without the "voices" and "emotions of darkness" until you helped deliver me from the evil that was coming against me. I know I…read more

Thanks for responding so quickly to my questions and concerns.… I would like to start fellowshipping with others like me. Thanks again for your much-needed messages and scriptures. May God continue to bless you.

I feel very blessed to be a part of this gathering. You have helped encourage my becoming a better man in my walk.  Your input and interpretations of Scripture seem almost too basic but so incredibly in tune.  Thank You!

Thank you.  I  Heard about you on Youtube I subscribed to your videos...  Praise Yahweh! Blessings to you. There is so much to share. Prayers will be going up to Yahweh for you.  Blessings to you.

Thank you for the information. I share the teachings with a couple of my friends... I was shocked to hear that Billy Graham and Pastor Haggi are among the other "name it and claim it & seed harvest" teachers. Thanks again

Thank you for making sure a National Day of Prayer service was held this year... Thank you for the tent and the pews you provided as well as the music you arranged... we must continue to spread the good news and pray for and expect results.

I have a big thank you to give to you. I appreciate you being there and being concerned... I will continue to stand .....until such time as the Lord calls me home and I can worship Him in Heaven. Keep up the good work.

Do you have a mountain in your life that needs moved?
No problem is too big for God!

If God is your partner,
make your plans BIG!
D.L. Moody

Gathering “from house to house and in one accord as a congregation”
Acts 2:46


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